Creation of bachelor thesis introduction

From my own experience I know that a student is able to postpone the creation of his or her bachelor’s or master’s thesis for months, which of course lacks the time he / she may lack at the end. Having at least an introduction to the work can therefore be the first important step to bring the demon away from procrastination.

It should be taken into account that the introduction is immediately after the annotation or abstract is the first, and often the last part of your work, which the potential numerator will record. In the introduction, the author has the opportunity to address the reader and briefly explain to him what important knowledge he will gain by reading the text. The introduction should clearly define the topic of the thesis, what is the author’s motivation to process, and why is it important to pay attention to this issue.

Although it does not often appear in practice, every scientific work should have its purpose and thought. Another very important factor is the timeliness of the topic. For example, it is good to respond to amendments to laws, to try to implement new procedures into a particular company, to develop new software, new methodologies, and so on. If you have found some other interesting work on the topic whose findings or results inspired you to choose the topic, do not be afraid to quote the text. While some schools do not allow citations at the beginning of the thesis, the majority do, and I personally consider it beneficial if the quotation is meaningful, relevant, and not too extensive.

The description of motivation to choose a topic is another goal of your introduction. Forget about wording like “I think this topic is interesting, that’s why I chose it”, or “I decided to work on this topic because there are a lot of books on it,” respectively. “I chose the issue because I was left behind”. A suitable motivation for choosing a given topic is, for example, a personal interest or interest in a given issue, which should be substantiated by a concrete justification, such as: “The issue of burnout syndrome in volunteers in the Hospice Sv. I chose Morice because I have been helping out regularly in this facility for the second year in a row, and I have often encountered the phenomenon under investigation in practice, or “” I decided to investigate XY’s implementation of new manufacturing processes because I own the company and as part of this work, I would like to take measures to reduce the company’s operating costs.

The conclusion of this article is good to say how long the introduction of the bachelor thesis should be. In this regard, it is good to follow common sense, and write an introduction in the range of one to two pages of 1800 characters. Leave a long reflection on the subject and only provide relevant information. But don’t be too brief. It is good to realize that you, as the author of the work, must be a neutral and objective researcher, so avoid biases and stereotypes, opinions and feelings from the subject and only give proper arguments.

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