Annotation versus abstract of bachelor thesis, how to distinguish them?

It is difficult for many students to define the difference between the annotation and the abstract of the bachelor or other final thesis, so we define the difference between them in this article. The basic difference between abstract and annotation is that the abstract includes a description of how to address the issue, the research method used, or the results of the research, while the annotation does not contain the data. Annotation is only a short description of several sentences. Unless your supervisor or the school directive specifies otherwise, we recommend using an abstract that contains all useful information about your text, including keywords.

So what to put in the abstract? If you have no idea what to write in the abstract, follow the instructions below, whether it is a bachelor thesis or another type of thesis. The rules are always the same. Essentially, the abstract is a paper that briefly describes the content of the presented text and its main parts. The aim of the abstract is to make it clear to the reader whether the work contains what he is looking for or not. Apart from the description of individual chapters, the abstracts should not miss the objectives of the thesis, the research methods used and the results of the research.

In some cases there is also a conclusion. When writing an abstract it is necessary to keep in mind that it should not be a text longer than 250 to 500. words and bachelor thesis, and about 100 words for a seminar paper. In any case, a consultation with the supervisor is always appropriate, as well as his / her idea of a similar abstract. As a rule, the abstract does not contain pictures, graphs or various symbols. Neither does it include bibliographic cit The abstract is the same as the standard.

The last term is an elevator, which is used to represent the text, and usually takes the form of an example of a piece of work extracted from it. If, even after reading this article, you are not sure how to create an abstract, annotation, abstract or lift, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you.