Setting page numbering in bachelor thesis

This manual is aimed at MS Word 2010, but if you do not despair of a newer or older version of Word, the procedure is very similar for all, only the names of some selections or tabs are different. Now we will simply describe the steps to set the visibility of document page numbering from a particular page.

  1. First, you need to number the pages of the entire document. As a rule, the page number is placed in the middle of the page, but it is always necessary to take into account the requirements of the given faculty according to the methodical instruction for the creation of bachelor’s and master’s theses.

To set the numbering at the bottom of the page, select: Insert stránky Page Number ⇒ Bottom of Page ⇒ No Text.

  1. Then we will display the nonprinting characters. Non-printable characters are markings for page breaks, partitions, or spaces. For us, section or page breaks are important. In order to verify in a simple way that we have the necessary characters in the right place, it is necessary to make it visible by pressing the symbol ¶, in the upper bar of the Home tab.
  2. Section Partition Setup: Now we need to separate the numbered pages from the unnumbered ones, so we need to set a section break between the last unnumbered and the first numbered page. For example, if the start of your work begins on page 7, you will go to the previous page, that is, page 6, and at the end of it you will set the section break as follows: Page Layout ce Ends ⇒ Section Breaks ⇒ Next Page. If you do this correctly, you will see the following non-printable character indicating the end of the section on the side of the sixth page.

Non Printable character for section break:

  1. The next step is to split the partitions as they continue to be interconnected even after the section break is set. To do this, follow these easy steps: Double-click the page footer and switch the document to the header and footer edit state. Then proceed as follows: Design it Link to Previous ⇒ No. Note that the Link to Previous option will be active first, and you must click on it to deactivate it to divide the partitions.
  2. The last step is to delete the numbering of the first section, which we will do as we would like to delete anything else, that is, in the footer of the first section, we mark the page number and delete it. Some schools also require different worksheet numbering, such as Roman numerals. In these cases we proceed in the same way, just select another type of numbering.

If you’re still having trouble formatting and numbering, don’t hesitate to contact us!